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Razertip Pyrographic Tools – Razertip Pyrographic Tools have been setting the standard for hot-wire pyrographic tools for over 15 years. Razertip Canadian made wood burners feature near instant heat response, ultra-sharp tips capable of burning over 120 lines per inch and your choice of the smallest or toughest handpieces on the market. Razertip has a multitude of different tip shapes. Razertip’s CSA NRTL/C safety certification covers both Canada and the USA. This makes Razertip the only hot-wire pyrographs that can be legally sold in every province and state in North America.

Razertip’s SS-D10 with its 10 amp output is Razertip’s workhorse, with many features not found on any other wood-burner. Dual handpiece capability allows you to have 2 pens plugged in at the same time and change between them at the flick of a switch. This is particularly useful if your work calls for frequent handpiece changes. Razertip’s SS-D10’s extra low-end temperature adjustment allows you to turn the heat down further if the ‘1’ setting is still too hot.

Razertip’s SS-D10 wood-burner comes with 1 standard pen and 1 – 18 gauge extra-flex cord. The wood-burner has a 3 year guarantee on the power supply and 1 year on all handpieces.

The Razertip SS-D System is a Canadian made product and fully CSA approved.

Razertip tips come sharpened and polished to a “Razer” sharp edge capable of burning over 120 lines to the inch.

Razertip offers a multitude of different shapes of tips.

Razertip warrants the power supply for 3 year and has a 1 year warranty on the hand piece.